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Sponsoring the Ball - Promotion Opportunities!

The Ball could not be accomplished without the contributions of sponsors. Last year we had 20 companies contributing in cash and value of goods in excess of 6 million yen.

We hope that we will reach at least the same figure this year, especially as we are able to offer more value for the sponsors' contribution through this web site. We estimate about 70,000 page views at this site before and after the party, when we will also have a report from the event.

Sponsor Categories and Contributions

Category Cash Goods/Services SAMPLE
GOLD 200,000 yen 400,000 yen and over
SILVER 100,000 yen 200,000 - 399,000 yen
BRONZE   50,000 yen 100,000 - 199,000 yen Cellmark
PATRON   25,000 yen 50,000 - 99,000 yen Farmstone
  • Goods/services calculated by retail value.
  • Your contribution can be a combination of cash and goods/services.
  • The samples indicate size proportions on web site and in printed material.
  • Your sponsorship should be at least 25,000 yen in cash or 50,000 yen in goods/services.
  • Value of each individual prize (goods/services) should be at least 5,000 yen.

  • What do the sponsors get for their contribution?

  • Logo/name and link on the web site (this site) for a year
  • Logo/name in the program and lottery sheet for the ball
  • All sponsors are listed in the slide show running during
         the ball, Gold and Silver sponsors with logos and
         product/service images (Gold two, Silver one image)
  • Major sponsors are highlighted during the lotteries
  • Gold and Silver sponsors will be recognized on the stage
  • Gold and Silver sponsors that reserve full tables will
        have their logo on table
  • Preferential treatment of Gold and Silver sponsors at the beginning of the Ball
  • ...and the nice feeling of supporting a great event!

  • How to apply?

    If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please fill out the form below. We will contact you to dicuss details if needed. If you do not want to use this form, contact your chambers representative in the committee (see contact page).

    1. We are a member of the:

    2. Sponsorship Category

    3. Our contribution would consist of:
    Cash       Amount: yen
    Goods/Services (describe the goods/services in the comment box below)

    4. Our web site to which we want our logo/name to be linked:

    5. Contact Information
    Your Name:

    6. Comments/Questions:

    Thank you for your support!
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