First Online FCCJ
Annual General Assembly

2021 APRIL


The Annual General Assembly of Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan has traditionally been held in April. Even though state of emergency for Metropolitan area has been lifted, the situation around the coronavirus is still causing several limitations on meetings and gatherings of people. Considering everyone’s safety, the Board of Directors has decided to refrain from holding a physical assembly this year, and due to this, matters relevant to the general assembly shall be handled in an online meeting held on ZOOM on April 7, from 17:00-19:00. Please  register for the Annual General Assembly through a website form below or by sending an email to 

Participation link for the meeting will be emailed for registered participants. If you are not familiar to ZOOM, please do not hesitate to call us for assistance.


As the Annual General Assembly has always been a valuable occasion for members to meet other members and to hear many updates regarding not just the chamber but also Finnish business overall in Japan, we believe this is a valuable chance for many to hear some updates and maybe also find new business opportunities from the Finnish Business Community in Japan. 

In the online assembly we are also planning to introduce our Team Finland actors, ambassador Pekka Orpana, the new country director of Business Finland, Kimmo Ojuva and the director of Finnish Institute in Japan, Anna-Maria Wiljanen to hear how the Team Finland network can support the Finnish companies in Japan.


Please register for the Annual General Assembly through the form below or by sending an email to


Please find the following material enclosed:

1.     Annual General Assembly Agenda

2.     Current Articles of Association

3.     Proposal for new Articles of Association

As the chamber articles of association have remained mostly same for the past 20 years, there are several small updates and changes to the articles and this requires assembly’s vote.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (080-7650-3225) or through e-mail:

Annual General Assembly Agenda

  1. Opening of assembly

 2. Election of chairman and secretary for meeting

 3. Establish the meeting has a quorum

 4. Approval of agenda

 5. Introduction of Team Finland members

 6. Reports from fiscal year 2020

     – Activity report

     – Financial result

     – Auditor’s report

 7. Changes to articles of association

 8. Membership fees for fiscal year 2021

 9. Plans and proposals for fiscal year 2021

     – Activity plan

     – Budget proposal

11. Election of members to board of directors

12. Election of auditors

13. Other issues

14. Closing of the assembly